About Us

India Care & Share Ministries (ICSM) is a nonprofit organization that has been established in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. It enables people who care, to share their blessings with needy children in India. 

We are currently supporting two Children's Homes in India about 200 mi. apart. One is located in Bhubaneswar, Orissa, and the other in the state of West Bengal. Both are boys homes. The children come from various home situations--some orphans, some with only one parent living, and some simply from very needy homes. For more information about the Homes, go to Children's Homes and click on one of the links.

We have also recently started a sponsorship for a children's home in Tanania, West Africa. This home is run by the Melvin Kauffman Family. For more information click here.

ICSM stateside handles the sponsorship funds, does the paperwork needed to keep the funds channeled to India, and sends out monthly newsletters. We like to have someone visit the homes every year to year and a half for accountability and administrative purposes. Our address and phone number is as follows:

India Care & Share Ministries, Inc.
1971 Baker Road
Manheim, PA  17545
501(c)3 Registered Non-Profit
Board of Directors
  • Melvin Kauffman
  • Marvin Kauffman
  • Daniel King, Jr.
  • Joseph Leid
  • Willis Leid


If you have more questions feel free to contact us.

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